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Seventeen years of hard work and rain, a new chapter in harmonious development

Seventeen years of hard work and rain, a new chapter in harmonious development

Years of reincarnation and time flies, Suzhou Baoxing has spent seventeen years of glorious progress under the leadership of leaders at all levels. With courage to explore, dare to innovate, and not afraid of difficulties, the momentum of ever-climbing peaks has come today. Looking back on the past years, we suffered, tired, laughed, and drunk; we passed through storms, experienced rough weather, and sweated all the way, leaving behind all the way to victory, carrying a beautiful hope all the way; seventeen years passed by. Seventeen years, the song does not break. In April, when the earth was rejuvenating and spring was blossoming, the company held a celebration with the theme of "Baoxing is my family and we all love him."
As Mr. Luo said in his speech, in the past 17 years, the company’s old employees have witnessed the growth of Baoxing all the way, dedicated the best years of youth to Baoxing, and are dedicated to work and no regrets. A plain face, it is the color of labor; stout hands tell the story of a period of work; swaying sweat erupted with eternal enthusiasm. Indeed, for most of the employees of the company, they are obscure ordinary people. They do not have amazing results, they don't have dazzling aura, they may not be good at words, they don’t speak big words, and they never think that they can make outstanding contributions and go to work on time. , obey disciplines, work hard, very ordinary, very ordinary. But it is in these ordinary employees that I feel a persistent pursuit of professionalism and dedication. The company's stability, development, and growth ultimately depend on these people. These ordinary talents are the real backbone of the company. When the responsibilities of these ordinary people's shoulders converge, they bring together the responsibility of the entire company and make the company's development smooth and stable. Moved at the bottom of the pyramid of the company, moved in the real, moved in the labor, moved to Baoxing company.
In the past 17 years, the company has created a team of workers who dare to fight hard and can compete for excellence, and has achieved brilliant achievements in the construction of material civilization and spiritual civilization. The trials and hardships of the past seventeen years have molded the character of Baoxing people to be realistic and pragmatic. They have tempered the will of Baoxing people to indomit one's will, tempered a steel bar, and cemented a group of backbones willing to devote themselves to the cause. The tug-of-war competition took three wins and two wins. With the referee's whistle, the tug-of-war competition officially began. During the game, the team members were full of strength, one by one tightening the rope, clenching the roots, under the foot can not wait deeply into the ground, his eyes widened, his face flushed and forced to squat Pull the rope back and use all the energy of the sucker. The players on both sides of the field are struggling hard, and the cheering team at the field is not to be outdone. The enthusiastic cheering for the team members cheers “refuels” and “refuels”. After a fierce competition, the Cheetah team I led eventually won third place. The Unity team won the first place.
It is not important to win or lose. What is important is the kind of spirit that goes all out during the game and the face that Zhang Xi smiles and laughs and faces with vivid expressions. The friendly competition between the teams in this competition resulted in a score and a friendship. In order to strengthen the spirit of teamwork among the internal employees of the company and strengthen the construction of corporate culture, the trade unions have also done enough work. In the future, the company will organize and carry out similar activities on a regular basis.
As far as I am concerned, since I joined the company, I have treated this big family as the foundation of my existence and become my own rice bowl. There is food in the cauldron, and it is possible for my bowl to be full; there is water in the river and the small canal will not dry up; the company will only benefit if the company thrives. In order that we can have a long-lasting and good job and that we can have a beautiful tomorrow, we must work hard to dedicate each of our own light and heat. As far as Baoxing Company is concerned, it is also very young. Today the company has achieved success, but there are still some problems and great challenges. It also takes time and needs a process of growth. Our personal growth is synchronized with the growth of our company. We need companies to provide us with a stage for growth. Companies also need our dedication to work together to make our company an evergreen.
Looking back at the past, we are proud of our achievements. Looking forward to the future, we feel even more arduous. The achievements of the past 17 years have laid a good foundation for our future development. In the next 17 years, we must more clearly understand the situation and tasks faced by Baoxing Co., Ltd., carry forward the future, meet the challenges, and continue to forge ahead. There is still a lot of work behind us. What tomorrow is and tomorrow is what we are. We have no way to know or grasp, but as long as we can report to me as the company and the company as my goal, we can create a more brilliant tomorrow. ! More brilliant Baoxing!
The night sky is brighter and brighter due to the starry ornament; the pool water is more clear and pleasant due to the companionship of the fish; growth leaves a flash of light due to the charm of introspection. In the 17 years, Baoxing was no longer fragile, leaving only a strong one; Baoxing was no longer confused and his eyes were full of perseverance; our dreams were no longer distant, but began to fly...