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Six points for attention when photovoltaic cables are irradiated

Six points for attention when photovoltaic cables are irradiated

The Baoxing Irradiation Workshop has drawn lessons from the experience of irradiating photovoltaic cables in recent years and points out the important points to be taken into consideration when irradiating photovoltaic cables. The performance of low-smoke and halogen-free flame-retardant polyolefin irradiating materials and irradiation processing are special. Therefore, the following points should be noted when irradiating photovoltaic cables:
First,Before the irradiation, check whether the conductor of each cable head is sufficiently grounded. It is forbidden to irradiate the cable when it is not grounded.
Second, the absorbed dose of the insulated wire core and jacket layer is subject to the heat extension test.
Third, the surface of the insulated insulated core and jacket should be smooth, no oil, no significant difference in color, does not allow scratches, fluff, cracking, bubbles and other phenomena, the printing should be clear rub.
Fourth, the speed of traction and take-off and release when irradiating and retracting speed should be coordinated with the beam flow adjustment action to avoid excessive dose or insufficient dose.
Fifth,insulated cores and sheaths need to be fully grounded after irradiation and parked for 48 hours before being transferred to the next process.
Sixth,the tension of the storage line of the insulated wire core and jacket during the irradiation process must be adjusted according to the conductor structure of the irradiation cable and the thickness of the wire diameter to avoid the occurrence of irradiation. The conductor structure is damaged by excessive tension, or the tension is too small and the cable on the traction wheel under the bundle is loosened to cause the cable surface to be scratched.

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