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Take the "artisan spirit" as the guide, strive for innovation, keep improving

Take the "artisan spirit" as the guide, strive for innovation, keep improving

- Suzhou Baoxing focuses on the construction of "Seiko" and fosters the spirit of craftsman to create a new look for the enterprise

   Since it was first written in the "Government Work Report" on March 5, 2016, "Crafters' Spirit" has become a veritable high-frequency word. To sum up, the craftsman spirit can be divided into four aspects: excellence, perseverance, love and respect, and innovation. It is an important guiding spirit for the development of new corporate management concepts in the new era, creating a new trend of labor and helping the upgrading of manufacturing industries. With the spirit of "artisan workmanship" as the guide, Suzhou Baoxing proposed a new enterprise development model led by the construction of "SEIKO", making every effort to innovate, strive for perfection, and fully support the company's new upgrade.
What is "Seiko"? Seiko in the industrial field refers to the production of exquisite products using the most appropriate and advanced manufacturing processes based on material science, physics, and aesthetics based on a deep understanding of product requirements. Seiko represents the development direction of manufacturing in China. In the near future, Chinese-made products will no longer simply mean cheap and sweaty. It will be an exquisite, culturally rich, emotional, green and environmentally friendly artwork. As a part of the manufacturing industry, Baoxing needs to align itself with the standards of “Seiko” and demand “Seiko” standards to make its products more refined, more technologically friendly, more environmentally friendly, and more beautiful. To this end, the company started from a variety of positions such as production management system, training promotion system, and corporate culture construction, comprehensively promoted the promotion management model with “Seiko” as the goal, and established a new workshop management system that meets the requirements of levels, promotes mutual progress, and strives for perfection. And line employee management mode.
How did Baoxing conduct precision construction? Summarized mainly from the market environment, incentive systems, cultural atmosphere, education and training in four areas.
In the current market environment, a good worker is a scarce scarce resource. They are often able to complete tasks that others do not want to do or dare to do; they gather a passionate and dynamic production team; they improve in innovation. The technological process has greatly increased production efficiency and increased corporate profits. Baoxing has formulated a reasonable selection and competition strategy for this purpose, attracting and attracting outstanding workers from the market, and making them the advantageous resources for Baoxing's production line with superior conditions and treatment.
Incentives are an important means for companies to retain talent. Baoxing should provide appropriate incentives and support to the front-line employees who have the craftsman spirit regardless of what department they work for or what type of workers they work for. The promotion mechanism, hierarchical and multi-domain use of rating incentives, together with a reasonable and superior material incentive system not only stimulates employees’ desire for self-improvement, but also serves as a propaganda tactic for attracting talents, and at the same time, can inspire companies’ production lines. The vitality and creativity.
Baoxing builds the company’s corporate culture of advocating labor and advocating skills, respecting the labor of the front-line workers, and respecting the outstanding corporate culture of the workers. For the key talents of the company, the skilled talents will improve their treatment, make them have higher income and better development channels; at the same time, the company encourages innovation in the form of institutions, and has the honor of certificates for innovation and invention and creation in their own positions. Forms to apply for national patents that meet certain conditions. At the same time, it is necessary to create a recognition of the spirit of “ten years of grinding and one sword” within the company, eliminate the urgency and immediate benefits in the first-line production, and pursue the “quick and quick”, with early results, more results, heavy quantity and light quality.
The implementation of every good system cannot be separated from a mature, perfect and dynamic education and training system. The cultivation of Baoxing Seiko is based on different levels of occupational skills, professional qualities, and professional concepts at different levels, which are purposely cultivated and shaped. First, through strengthening professional training, carrying out modern apprenticeships, deepening the internal technological inheritance mechanisms such as “passenger belts”, and consolidating the manpower foundation for outputting precision; secondly, through the top-level design of the system, the “heavy weight” in training work should be changed. The concepts of equipping, light mechanics, re-education, light ability, emphasis on theory, and light operation form the training and promotion mechanism for cultivating both talent and talent.
"Seiko" construction is a deep-level work from system to culture. It needs constant improvement and improvement in the long-term practice and sharpening. The company gradually formed through value incentives, and at the same time, it developed into an advanced corporate culture and employee culture through cultural education, ideological cultivation, and nourishment by public opinion, which allowed the craftsman's spirit to merge into a vane leading the overall upgrade of the manufacturing industry.